Monday, March 14, 2011

Tribe Tributes: What Nurtures Your Creative Spirit?

What nurtures your creative spirit?

For me, it is my family, my roots, my upbringing...

In returning to Indian folkloric and mythic traditions in my creative writing, I hope to honor that link between myself and the long line of foremothers and forefathers who came before me. In doing this writing for and about young people, I hope to extend that legacy to my own children, and all those who come after me.

So I guess it's fitting that my friend Monica Broderick's blog "3 Sisters Village Moving Memoirs" has a recurring creative interview segment called "Tribe Tributes."

I am so very honored to have been included in the 3 sisters tribe, and to have been given the chance to honor my own 'tribe' in doing so. (The '3 sisters' and I all went to college together - so it's a chance to celebrate another fantastic 'tribe' as well)

To read the entire interview - and learn about my creative roots, my process, as well as fundamental questions like why I don't eat either ice cream or froyo, please go here:

3 Sisters Village Tribe Tribute

The site is a fantastic resource for creative inspiration and community - so dig around and enjoy!


  1. It is so important to be able to comfortably look back and embrace your roots - be it to find your creative thread or inner peace! I pay tribute in my current blog as well - but not to my past, well maybe in a round about way- but to an inspiring character...Richard Feynman. He makes me smile as I think of his brilliance, his antics, and his wise words.

    I loved this piece. Thanks.


  2. I love the idea of passing the legacy. It's so important to keep myths and folklore alive in new and creative ways while keeping the root truths alive. Such a great post!


  3. Thanks Meryl and Martina - both for visiting and for the words!

    My elderly grandfather is really ill - and I've been thinking alot about his legacy and if my life honors his - it's really fitting this interview came out this week. I can only hope that in returning to these old stories I'm in some way honoring those who came before me, and passing on something to the next generation...